U.S. Upfitters along with your fleet management service provider can help you navigate the logistical challenges of getting your fleet from the OEM plants to where you need them. U.S. Upfitters has contract labor agreements with several industry partners with ship-thru capacity. These capabilities along with our vast brand name product offering allow us to provide your fleet with brands you want at a competitive price. We have boots on the ground to oversee your vehicles that are in production to ensure your job specifications are done to meet your customers’ expectations. Once the job is done the vehicles will go back into the OEM’s transportation network. Our promise to you is we will communicate the status of your project from the time the vehicles hit the ground at the ship-thru facility, go through production and then back to the OEM logistics.
U.S. Upfitters has ship-thru capabilities with General Motors, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Stellantis.