Flettner Ventilator

Flettner ventilators extract fumes, reduce excessive heat and reduce condensation

2000 Ventilator

The Flettner 2000 is firmly established as the definitive wind-powered roof ventilator.  It has been the main ventilator specified by fleet managers and upfitters for many years.  Easy and quick to fit no matter what the application, ideal for small to medium sized vehicles.

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The Slimline has been specifically designed for customers who deal with height issues such as roof-racks that need a lower ventilator to fit underneath it. Due to smart engineering Flettner has designed the Slimline in such a way that it ‘Fits any Roof’.





The Flettner TCX-2™  is quite simply the world’s most advanced wind-powered ventilator.  Using state-of-the-art computational flow dynamics, the Flettner TCX-2™  has been created to maximize rotational efficiency and torque to produce very powerful extraction rate.


2000 Ventilator adapter

The adapter has been designed to bridge a gap of up to 50mm (1.97”) between the inner lining and outer face of the vehicle. Made from high grade ABS plastic the Flettner 2000 adapter can be cut down to match the size required.  Fittings not supplied.





The Adapter allows the Slimline vent to be fitted to vehicles which have double skinned roofs or inner lining such as plywood or insulation.  It acts as a rigid bridge between the inner roof and the shutter.





The Flettner TCX-2™ adapter allows the TCX-2 Ventilator to be fitted to vehicles which have double skinned roofs.  The adapter acts as a rigid bridge between the ventilators clamp plate and the shutter.  The adapter is supplied in two parts (a hollow tube and a ring).


floor vent

Designed to be installed on the floor of the vehicle, the first purpose of the Floor Vent is to extract low-hanging gases from within the cabin of a vehicle.  Secondly, when a Floor Vent is installed in combination with a rooftop ventilator it creates a vertical draft which makes the rooftop vent perform even better.


flettner ventilator for FULL SIZE VANs

Chevrolet Express/GMC Savana
Ford Transit
Mercedes Sprinter
Nissan NV

flettner ventilator for compact vans

Ford Transit Connect
Mercedes Metris
Nissan NV200

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flettner 200 ventilator

The Flettner 2000 is firmly established as the definitive wind-powered roof ventilator.  With a time-proven design and performance, a reputation for toughness, versatility and sheer reliability the Flettner 2000 roof vent is the natural choice where ventilation is required. Easy and quick to fit no matter what the application, the Flettner 2000 has an unrivalled list of endorsements from providing dependable, trouble-free ventilation in Antarctic field stations to kayak expeditions across the Tasman sea.


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