The Best Alternative to a Service Van


The Compak is the ideal solution for techs that work in the city and/or underground parking.  It features a cab-type design,  streamlined look and is super easy to access.


The DIABLO with a height of 75″ and a spacious interior enables any worker to focus on work no matter the weather. It features skylights that let natural light in during the day and LED bars for the night.


The Wild is the ideal model for anyone looking for characteristics similar to a regular cargo van, large enough to move around inside, with the added advantage of full-length side doors for easy access from the outside.

Turn Your Pickup Truck Into A Complete Commercial Service Vehicle

SpaceKap™ units are affordable, safe, reusable and transferable from one vehicle to another, to turn any pickup truck into a service vehicle. The pickup-SpaceKap combo is 12% more fuel efficient than a cargo van, making it the ultimate solution for truck fleets.

The BEST ALTERNATIVE to a service van.

All SpaceKap™ models are slip-in transferable service bodies offer a universal fit for all full-size pickup trucks in the market with a 6.5′ or 8′ bed. You can easily install or remove the capsule from your pickup truck within a few minutes if you need to switch vehicles or replace your truck. Once fitted with shelves and ladder or step ladder racks, it keeps your tools and equipment safe and well organized, to save you time and money.

The ErgoRack was designed to reduce muscle stress, eliminate the risk of injury and speed the job of loading and unloading ladders from a work van.


Ergo racks are easy to use, safe and fit perfectly on all SpaceKap models (Compak, Wild, and Diablo). Made of durable steel, their universal design makes for easy installation on your SpaceKap models. These solutions can help reduce back pain and muscle strain while keeping your feet safely planted on the ground.  You can secure ladders weighing up to 75 lb.

Add extra storage space on the roof of your SpaceKap with a ladder rack system from Prime Design.

COMBINE THE Best alternative to a service van WITH INSTALLATION FROM U.S. UPFITTERS.

SpaceKap is an attractive and eco-friendly solution that meets the transportation needs of businesses of all sizes.
U.S. Upfitter’s technicians are some of the best in the business. With custom upfitting, your business will have the tools to succeed for years to come.

U.S. Upfitters formerly known as INLAD Truck & Van Equipment Co. Inc was started in 2003.

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