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Maranda Service Capsules

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Maranda's capsule and pickup truck combination provides you with an effective workplace solution.  There is 10 year capsule warranty and free upfit design to support all kinds of industry applications (e.g., cable/telecom, refrigeration, construction, plumbing, gas/water/power services, electrical contractors, law enforcement). 

Maranda has identified the following benefits:

Economical - Low cost of ownership, improved fuel economy, reduced maintenance cost, virtually no "downtime"

Ergonomic - Increased productivity, improved inventory control, reduced injuries, no reason to enter capsule, driver comfort and safety

Environmental - Increased fuel economy, multiple use service capsule recycled time after time, reduced carbon footprint

Secure - Double-walled doors, keyless entry, increased driver visibility, driver isolated from cargo, higher safety ratings for pick-ups
Maranda M140 Fiberglass Service Capsule
Model M140 fits 6.5' truck bed; internal volume = 140 cu ft
Maranda M170 Fiberglass Service Capsule
Model M170 fits 8' truck bed; internal volume = 170 cu ft
Maranda M90 Fiberglass Service Capsule
Model M90 fits 6' truck bed; internal volume = 90 cu ft
Maranda V370 Fiberglass Service Capsule
Model V370 fits 8' truck bed; internal volume = 370 cu ft
Model X230 Fiberglass Service Capsules
Model X230 fits 8' truck bed; internal volume = 230 cu ft